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Take a look at our Sales Gallery or FAQs.

Consign with Us

green and gold guilded Czech punchbowl set with cups, ladle, punchbowl and lid.
vintage baseball signed by Ted Williams, representing sports collectibles


Write down a general description of your items, or take a picture.

Please visit our Sales Gallery or FAQ page to get a better idea of the items that we sell best.  

We'll need a general description of your items (brand, quantity, condition, etc.).  Even better, take a few pictures if you can.


Call or e-mail us for an estimate or if you have questions.

We can often provide a free, no-obligation assessment of your items via phone or e-mail. 


Arrange for pick-up or drop-off, and we'll take it from there!

We will prepare, photograph, list and sell your items. We handle all buyer correspondence, payment collection, and packing/shipping of consignments. All you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Get paid!

Most consignments sell within a few weeks and you can expect to receive a check 30 days after the sale. 

Consignment Fees

We use a tiered fee system, which means that the more your items sell for,

the less that we charge. We pay all eBay and Paypal fees, packaging and shipping costs.

  • $999.99 or less: Commission Rate is 50%

  • $1000.00 – $4999.99: Commission Rate is 40%

  • $5000.00 or more: Commission Rate is 30%

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