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What Our Clients Say . . .

"I was so lucky to find Trader Chris Consignments! He is terrific – responsive, knowledgeable, dependable, professional – and got great results for me. I had no idea what collections would be good to sell or how to start – but Trader Chris Consignments handled everything for me. It was a great experience and I knew I was in good hands dealing with Trader Chris."
– Sue R., Chapel Hill


"Trader Chris Consignments is the ideal answer to downsizing and getting great prices. I am sure that his wonderful pictures have maximized the prices I have received for the vintage luggage I acquired during my many visits to London over the years. His research tools have greatly enhanced the value of other antique items such as eyeglasses and writing instruments. Many of these have sold to buyers all over the United States as well as Europe and Asia. I can always count on Chris to be helpful, candid and professional."
– Hugh M., Chapel Hill


"Chris did such a wonderful job of researching my boxed-up old collectables and posting compelling listings for them. People all over the world were happy to buy things that I had forgotten in a closet. He did all of the work, and paid me more than I ever would have gotten if I had done it myself. I recommend Trader Chris to all of my friends who need to recover closet space."
– Kim S., Chapel Hill


"Working with Trader Chris was a very pleasant and very successful experience for me. The items for sale included two Leica camera bodies, several Leica lenses, and a variety of photographic accessories. Trader Chris did extensive research on this equipment and then sold all of the equipment quickly and at a very fair price. I was saved a lot of time and effort by working with Trader Chris and would gladly do it again when I have other things for sale."
– Rusty E., Cary


Chris helped us downsize lickety-split. He picked up everything, and soon the checks rolled in, together with monthly accounting statements. Terrific person, great service.
– Anonymous, Chapel Hill


"Christopher DiGiovanna helped us sell some antique toys, paintings and other articles on e-bay. He very competently guided us through the entire process and was able to obtain a good price for us. We can highly recommend him – he is professional, kind, patient and honest. We plan to use him again in the very near future. We really cannot be more pleased with his services."
– Michael & Helen N., Durham


"We are downsizing and have quite a few dear possessions (mainly stereo components) that we can’t move. I wanted them to go to people who would be as happy with them as I have been. Chris evaluated our things and told us what would sell.  He had a very professional contract-receipt. I signed it, and he took the items. A few weeks later I endorsed a check for the proceeds. Chris does a great job for his clients."
– Don F., Chapel Hill


"Using Trader Chris Consignments to sell my Swarovski collection was the best decision I made. I gave the pieces to Chris, he sold them over a reasonable amount of time and at good prices, and I received my check promptly. It took all the headache of researching, pricing, posting, shipping, etc. out of the process. Chris is definitely the way to go!
– Ken M., Boca Raton, FL


My experience with Trader Chris Consignments was a very happy one in getting several of my pocket and wristwatches sold as well as some beautiful Murano wine glasses. I was saved a lot of time and effort.  I found Trader Chris to be courteous, professional, and knowledgeable in my dealings with him.  The results were very satisfactory.  I have not hesitated to refer others to him."
– Bev I., Pittsboro


"If I could give a triple thumbs up for Trader Chris I would!  Chris called me back after my first call promptly and showed up on time very professionally. He went through my “stuff” very gently. While he was here I kept thinking of other things I wanted to sell.  He had no problem with any of it.  Some of it was large pieces of furniture which he came back for with a trailer. He packs things better than a mover and gives an inventory of everything he takes. Chris gives you a time frame of how long to sell the items and sends a check in the mail. After my first experience with Chris, I had him back probably two more times. I am far from a millionaire but richer than if the stuff sat in my attic and certainly richer for meeting Trader Chris."
– Sherry L., Moncure


"Trader Chris Consignments is a great eBay expert seller to work with.  He took on a large project that I never could have completed on my own.  He appraised, catalogued and sold my unusual collectibles, making the entire process as smooth as possible for me.  I highly recommend working with Trader Chris!"
– Amy T., Chapel Hill


"I have worked with Chris for about one and a half years and I am impressed with his honesty and integrity. I have given him several family items that were hard to part with and I felt that he got the best prices for them. If he does not typically sell a particular item, he will contact other sellers in his local network that can help you. This was especially true for us when Chris handled some antique furniture and artwork for me. He is very honest and knows the value of the products he sells. I especially like the fact that he will personally come to your home or storage unit to provide an evaluation. You cannot go wrong selling your treasures through Trader Chris!"
– Elvira P., Chapel Hill

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