2. Jensen Flatware.jpg

George Jensen Flatware Set 

Sold for $10,000

Shipped to Santa Rosa CA

Sold for $299.95

Shipped to Germany

7. Figural Centerpiece.jpg

Figural German Silver Centerpiece

Sold for $14,322 

Shipped to New York, NY

Sterling Silver

Sell your

Sterling Silver Flatware Sets

Many sterling silver flatware sets sell well, and we sell them often.  Although they will sell anytime of the year, November and December are particularly good months to sell tableware as buyers are anticipating holiday gatherings.  The maker and pattern will largely determine your silver's value, but there a few other variables that could help to gain a higher selling price:

1.  Is your set complete?  Complete sets command much higher prices.
2.  Buyers look for an even number of place settings;  generally 6, 8 or 12.
3.  Is your silver clean?  Clean and polished silver is a much easier sell than tarnished or dirty silver.
4.  Does your set include a storage chest?  A chest in good condition will increase the value of the set.
5.  What is the pattern?  Fancy, ornate patterns as well as mid-century styles tend to be more sought          after than simple patterns.


If you decide to consign silver with us, we can help you even out place setting numbers, and determine the right sales venue to get you the best price for your silver.   For a small fee we'll even help you clean and polish it!  


If you'd like to get an estimate of what your silver is worth, contact us with a picture of some of your silver (front and back), the maker's name and pattern (if known), and the number of pieces that you have.  We'll provide a free, no-obligation estimate for your silver's market value.